George Norgan Book


  1. August 19

“By George” The life and legacy of George Norgan.

The story of George Norgan starts with his humble beginnings in small town Palmerston and chronicles his rise to become one of the richest men in Canada. His wealth and generosity would also lead him to become involved in amateur and professional sports throughout Canada and the United States. Months of research have revealed the details of George’s previously unknown life in British Columbia. Many of the photos used in the book have rarely or never been seen before.
But George never forgot his hometown of Palmerston and gifted it the Norgan Theatre in 1947. The book also traces the seventy year history of the Theatre, the people involved and the ups and downs it has been through. The Norgan holds a special place in the hearts of Palmerston residents, who have rallied to save it more than once.
The story of George’s life will take you through the early history of Palmerston, the Prohibition years in B.C., two world wars and George’s involvement in business and sports.
Limited copies of the book will be available in August do pre-order yours to avoid disappointment.

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